We are about helping you bid jobs and invoice customers.

What makes us different

As the tech person in our family, I get a lot of requests to set up programs like Quicken for family and friends alike, but all they really want to do is send bids and invoices to their customers. They also have to come back and ask again every time they upgrade their computer. Wouldn't it be nice if everything was on the web and you could send bids and invoices from any web device?

That gave us the idea for BidVoice. We want to make a focused and simple interface for the smaller operators out there to easily bid, invoice, and get paid without breaking the bank.

Most of us here come from construction families and believe this helps us serve your small business better because of it.

Here is a good example from one of our siblings who is a 4th generation carpenter:

"If you can make it simple and easy to use, I would definately be interested in that. Ever since I got one of these fantasy phones, I wished I could submit bids with it."

Tony B.

Information like that is critical to producing something useful.

The best website is the one you are willing to use

Our focus is on providing a tool for your business that improves your existing process. That's what technology was supposed to do.

Why you need a service like this

The contracting world is changing and customers are increasingly more interested in being serviced through email. We received the following text from a business that uses local contractors. This is what they had to say:

"...I coordinate two electrical subs, a plumbing sub, and a flooring sub. All are reputable small businesses that do their billing like cavemen."

Nick G.

It's likely a good bet that your customers would prefer you to use a similar service to this one.

So don't be bashful. Click the big green button at the top and give it a test drive for free. No card needed.

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