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Easy To Use

BidVoice keeps it simple for you and focuses on streamlining your billing process without making you pay for features you never wanted anyway.


Any Web Device

My son, brother, and nephew all use their phones to bill customers, but you can use whatever you want to so long as it has internet access.

At The

Speed of Email

Handwritten and "snailmailed" paperwork are relics, so why not be more professional and send those bills right now? You will get paid faster too.


"I like knowing that my invoices and bids are delivered right away. It seems like I am always following up with someone, and now I don't have to start the conversation with did you get the bid?"

Nick Griffin

Doesn't Cost You a Kidney


  • Free 60-day trial
  • No card needed
  • 30 invoices
  • 40 bids/proposals
  • Basic statistics
  • Use your own logo



  • $5 / month
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited bids/proposals
  • Use your logo
  • Invoice delivery/open notifications
  • All future features

In the spirit of simplicity, there is only one plan.

MB Mowing LLC

"Being able to use my phone and email invoices is awesome. I can send my customer's bill right when I finish the work. Some customers even pay me before I leave their yard."

Mitch Bishop

It's Not About Me

It's About Getting You Paid Faster

I originally made the website for family because they:

  • wanted a faster way of invoicing customers
  • were tired of spending their evenings on paperwork
  • liked the idea of billing customers by email from their phones
  • wished they had an easy way to keep track of who owed them money

Now They Have It All...

And you can too. Servers are expensive, so BidVoice is open to all small business owners that want to automate their paperwork and get paid faster. So what are you waiting for?

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