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bidVoice makes your invoicing fast & easy. Our goal is to help you get paid faster. It's as simple as that.

Easy to use

Saves you time

Use any web device

Focused on your needs

Designed for sub-contractors

Simple invoicing

Get paid faster

Add PayPal to your invoices

Direct bill customers by email

Use your own logo for branding

Fast bidding

Download as PDF

Use a pro template

Spend less time on paperwork

Stop losing customer information

Who we service

Skilled trades

Owner operators

Small business pros

Landscape professionals

The site originally came about to solve a problem for my brother and nephew. They were tired of invoicing by hand and didn't want to use complicated or expensive programs that focus on upselling useless features. This is the result.

After seeing some sample invoices, my brother decided that I should be charging triple. I just laughed and let him know that if buying me lunch at "McDuds" once a month wasn't enough, he could simply tell his contracting friends about the site and they could buy me lunch as well. The $5 plan was born that day.

Basically, bidVoice will win or lose from the bottom-up with a grass roots campaign.

Keith Bishop

Beautiful documents

Beautiful Documents

Doesn't break the bank

Bang for your buck

Elegant interface

Elegant Interface

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